How can ASIS.TO help you?




ASIS.TO helps your production facility where you spend most of your non-value-added time: Batch reports. They require your staff to copy information multiple times and perform calculations over and over again. With ASIS.TO your batch report preparation and filling time can be reduced by up to 46% and your errors can be minimized. Furthermore, since all your data is in digital format, data analytics and trending become a quick task, instead of a long data collection.

ASIS.TO is your production support software that ensures GMP guidelines are followed in all stages and sections of the production process. Specific modules provide built in GMP process support for material, inventory management and equipment readiness. A role-based system has multiple levels for the site administrator to provide a workflow-based system access. Your SOPs can easily be converted into digital workflows, which are managed by revision control and Qualified person’s approval.






The main purpose of ASIS.TO design is to create screens easy to read for getting real-time progress visualization. Furthermore, the system provides fast navigations between tasks, workflows and batches. On the easy view screen the batches can be seen even if the user is not close to the computer screen. The Overview screen shows all running batches currently produced at the facility, and it can be put on large screen as well.

ASIS.TO provides a support beyond your production processes. It can handle and support validation, qualification and experimental processes. It will make sure experiments are well documented and can easily be converted into GMP production processes which gives you flexibility. Equipment qualification process can also be built into the system for making sure that all steps are documented within the same system.




Automated Equipment Integration


The new way of equipment integration for smooth and automated dataflow to your LIMS system.


  • Innovation
  • As an innovative product, ASIS.TO EQonn gives a new way to solve automated equipment integration

  • Flexibility
  • With its flexible, distributed architecture, ASIS.TO EQonn provides extendibility to bring in a wide range of new equipment integration

  • Data integrity
  • Automated data import eliminates the risk of manual transcription errors and provides high data integrity.

  • Automatization
  • ASIS.TO EQonn guarantees automated access to equipment data and an easily capture of the necessary data to effectively automate process steps.

  • Increased efficiency
  • ASIS.TO EQonn helps to speed up your production flow even more and eliminate time consuming manual data entry steps/activities.

  • Customization
  • ASIS.TO EQonn can be easily customized according to our customers’needs and requirements.

  • Wide-range interface technology support
  • ASIS.TO EQonn is prepared to support a wide range of different type of interface technology i.e.

    File based, RS-232, web API and more

  • Plugin architecture
  • ASIS.TO EQonn has an easy extendable plugin technology to ease the integration of new equipment

  • Equipment support
  • ASIS.TO EQonn supports a wide range of equipment (cyclotron, synthesizer, dispensers, QC equipment, etc.) covering the entire production flow and laboratory activities

  • Seamless integration with ASIS.TO
  • ASIS.TO EQonn provides full integration with ASIS.TO - functionally and visually as well.

  • Scalable distributed architecture
  • EQonn supports integration to all your equipment deployed anywhere in your facility

  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Eqonn is provided together with ASIS.TO for a unique, very competitive price structure